With the Dairy Technical Assistance Program (DTAP), our goal is to offer new professional support to California’s dairy farmers who seek expert regulatory assistance to understand, navigate and comply with California’s ever-expanding maze of regional and state regulatory requirements specific to water rights, water transfers, changing renewable energy issues, and offer educational outreach to dairy farmers in these spaces.

The Western United Dairies Foundation hosts a Policymaker-Producer Engagement Program that connects dairy families with legislators across the state, allowing the families to share their stories and issues facing the industry.

California’s dairy families are rising to the challenge to help California through the driest period our state has ever seen. They are doing their part to reduce our water use in California significantly. Dairy farmers are implementing on-farm water conservation advancements to help the state through the water emergency. Our Green Cow Campaign highlights our dairy families’ advancements on the farm.

Social media is a living document for social proof. Our TikTok Outreach Campaign aims to connect younger consumers to dairy education, leveraging video as an opportunity to engage and educate a younger audience allowing us to increase industry awareness, attract new customers, and enlarge our community.